ConEmu macros

June 26, 2020

Git macros

You can put these in your ConEmu settings xml. This also work for Cmder. These use the macro slots 12 to 15.

<value name="KeyMacro12" type="dword" data="00121147"/>
<value name="KeyMacro12.Text" type="string" data='Print("git status\n")'/>
<value name="KeyMacro13" type="dword" data="00121141"/>
<value name="KeyMacro13.Text" type="string" data='Print("git add .")'/>
<value name="KeyMacro14" type="dword" data="00121143"/>
<value name="KeyMacro14.Text" type="string" data='Print("git commit -m \"\""); Keys("Left")'/>
<value name="KeyMacro15" type="dword" data="00121150"/>
<value name="KeyMacro15.Text" type="string" data='Print("git push")'/>
Ctrl + Alt + Ggit status↵
Ctrl + Alt + Agit add .
Ctrl + Alt + Cgit commit -m ""
Ctrl + Alt + Pgit push